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Beginners Square Dances - Southeast Michigan - MI

Old Fashioned Square Dancing - South Lyon, MI

Beginners Square Dance Classes
Dave Smith - Caller
SE MI Square Dance Clubs
South Lyon Square Dancing

South Lyon, Michigan
Old Fashioned Square Dancing
Traditional Square Dances - not modern western.  No experience is necessary for these dances.  We walk through each dance and then dance it to the music

Contact: or Dave at 248-486-0043

Information about dances at South Lyon Senior Care & Rehab:
These are old fashioned American squares.  These free dances will be held in the cafeteria area of the South Lyon Senior Care & Rehab Center at 700 Reynolds Sweet Parkway in South Lyon.  Our square dancing will be the evening entertainment for the resident patients at this nursing home.  I see this as a way we can do a good deed by visiting the sick (Matthew 25:36-40) and bringing them some joy while they are in the nursing home while having a good time doing some square dancing close to home.  The dances will all be simple square dances that can be learned in a few minutes, we will walk them through and then dance them.  So you can invite friends to come also.  No experience necessary. 
The general public is welcomed to join us.  Children can dance also, as long as they are over age 6 and well behaved.  We encourage you to bring out the whole family.  Total time commitment is about 1.5 hours.
The cafeteria is at the far end of the main hall.  Go in the front entrance and walk down the main hall all the way to the end.

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Traditional Square Dancing


Old Time Square Dances, specifically geared for those who have never square danced before, and for those who can only square dance occasionally
Traditional square dances are those dances which were in common use before 1954.  They are simple dances, yet a lot of fun for both necomers and old-hands alike.  Traditional Square Dances are the perfect square dance for those who can only come occasionally, and cannot make a committment to come on a weekly basis.  All of these dances are walked through and taught thouroughly so that people who have never square danced before can easily join in!


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