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Beginners Square Dances - Southeast Michigan - MI


Beginners Square Dance Classes
Dave Smith - Caller
SE MI Square Dance Clubs
South Lyon Square Dancing

Standard Pricing
Square Dance Parties

Standard Pricing


Prices include music/caller/instruction, but not the hall.  Prices are subject to change without notice.


Basic Rate: $350 (Includes up to a 30 minute driving time, one way - per mapquest- from South Lyon, MI.  See “extra travel” below for additional travel times.)

One night square dance party for church groups, private parties, etc. (price is for a one to three hour square dance party, including old fashioned American square dances, mixers, country line dances, and the Virginia Reel.  The price is the same regardless of the length of the party.)



College student group dance ($50 discount): $300

High school student group or youth group dance ($50 discount): $300

Singles Dance: ($50 discount) $300

Girl Scout Daddy Daughter Dances ($50 discount): $300

Cub Scout Mother son Dance: ($50 discount): $300
Family dance where parents will be partnered with kids ( $30 discount): $320
Special Olympics/Intellectual Disability groups: ($50 discount) $300

Sorry, discounts are not offered for fundraisers,  etc.

DJ Services: I am not a DJ.  I can provide a limited selection of background music before  or after the dance for  an additional fee.  I always play some country music in between sets of dances.


Extra Travel Costs- Travel engagements (for destinations beyond a 30 minute drive – one way - from 22696 Clarkshire Dr., South Lyon, MI, 48178)  The formula for calculating the additional cost is as follows:

Time over 30 minutes drive per Mapquest x $3.50 per extra minute drive (over 30 minutes)

Example: If Mapquest indicated a 40 minute drive from South Lyon, the cost for the party would be $350 + (10 extra minutes x 3.50 =) $35 = $385 total 

I generally do not accept engagements which Mapquest indicates are further than a 40 minute drive.

All distances are measured from 22696 Clarkshire Dr. South Lyon Michigan, 48178

To check the distance, go to the website below and enter your address:

Dave Smith

Square Dance Caller

Traditional & Western

BMI & ASCAP Licensed

22770 Clarkshire Dr.

South Lyon, MI 48178