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Girl Scout Daddy-Daughter Dance

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Your Girl Scout Troop can host an

Old Fashioned Daddy-Daughter Square Dance


A time honored tradition

The daddy-daughter dance is a time honored tradition in America, and often one of the fondest memories for women looking back on their childhood.  It is a chance for fathers to spend some quality time with their daughters, and will be an event they won’t soon forget.  Old fashioned American square dancing is the perfect venue for a daddy-daughter dance.  The dances are easily taught and do not require the fancy footwork involved in many other dance programs, making dads and daughters of all ages both feel at ease.  No experience is necessary.  All of these dances are designed and taught for beginners.  At the same time, the upbeat music, and fun of square dancing are infectious. 


American cultural heritage

Square dancing also gives girls and dads an exposure to traditional American culture.  Square dancing was a form of entertainment enjoyed by our forefathers, and has been passed down to us as a great way to exercise, socialize, and have fun.  Many traditional square dances can be taught, including, the Virginia Reel, Old Solomon Levi, Duck for the Oyster – Dive for the Clam, Birdie in the Cage, Texas Star, Marching Thru Georgia, Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight and Red River Valley.


Tips for coordinating a Daddy-Daughter Dance

Setting up a daddy-daughter dance can take some work, but a fun and memorable evening can be the result of good planning. 

  • It is best to have a good mix of different ages at these dances.  Try to get troops of Daisies, Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts all together for the same dance.  The younger girls will love to mingle with the older girls, and it will make the directional part of the dance (right and left) much easier for them. 
  • Be sure to hold the dance in the evening so parents can attend.  It is best to start around 7:00 pm.  Allow a minimum of two hours for a square dance. 
  • The ideal place for the dance may be your local elementary school or church where you regularly meet as a troop.  Many times a cafeteria or gym can be reserved for the night of the dance.
  • Cafeterias work best, as they often have a stage for the caller, better acoustical qualities than a gym, a nice tile floor, and available seating. 
  • Advertise the dance and promote it with your girls.  Make up flyers to distribute to the troops involved.  It is best to promote this as a “Daddy-Daughter Dance,” in order to get the best participation from fathers.
  • Arrange for the girls to earn a “Dancercise Try It” badge (Brownies), “Dance” Badge (Junior Girl Scouts, or a fun badge. 
  • Encourage girls and dad’s to wear western outfits and cowboy hats. 
  • Ask girls to pre-register and pay by a certain date.  This allows you to get a count for refreshments, and to have the money on hand to pay for the caller, hall, and decorations. 
  • Be sure that each girl who registers has an adult “partner.”  If her dad cannot make it, her mom, uncle, or grandfather could substitute.  It is best not to pair girls together (as partners) for these dances, as it becomes confusing for them.
  • The night of the dance, be there at least an hour early to set up the hall, decorations, refreshment tables, and to check people in at the dance hall entrance.
  • Hire a good square dance caller.  See below.

For more information, contact: Dave Smith, Square Dance Caller 

22770 Clarkshire Dr., South Lyon, MI 48178

Teaching and calling Old Fashioned American

Square Dances throughout SE Michigan

Telephone: (248) 486-0043        Email:


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