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Shindig in the Barn
Beginners Square Dance Classes
Dave Smith - Caller
South Lyon Square Dancing
South Lyon Beginners Square Dance

I got this dance from the Canadian Old Tyme Callers book by Alex Mulligan.  It is a great and easy singing call.   Lots of fun!


Shindig in the Barn


Opener, Break, Finish:

Allemande Left the corner dosido with your own

Join your hands circle to the left

Left allemande with your left hand, a right to partner right and left grand

Grand ol’ right and left around the ring.

Meet your partner, dosado around now,

Go back to corner, left allemande

Come back and promenade

Tell all your friends the news, put on your dancing shoes,

Cuz there’s gonna be a shindig in the barn


Figure (4 times):

Four Ladies Chain across the ring

Turn the girls and chain them home again,

The ladies center back to back,

Gents promenade the outside track,

Go all the way around and when you get back home again,

You turn the partner by the left and swing with corner,

Swing the corner lady promenade

If the boys will lend a hand, we’ll clean it spic and span,

Cuz there’s gonna be a shindig in the barn