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Beginners Square Dances - Southeast Michigan - MI

My Equipment
Beginners Square Dance Classes
Dave Smith - Caller
SE MI Square Dance Clubs
South Lyon Square Dancing

My Equipment: 


*Hilton 300 Turntable/amplifier: a superior sound system specifically designed for square dance calling, it has separate amps for the microphone and the turntable, adjustable rpm speed, and tone control.  Provides enough volume for up to 200 dancers.  I also bring a backup turntable in case of technical difficulties.


*Set of two four cone column speakers for optimum audio coverage and maximum clarity.  Speakers are high quality JBL GTO938, rated the best sound of all 9x6 speakers.  They are mounted on tripod speaker stands.

*Selection of traditional square dance records


*Wireless Microphone 



*CD Player available upon request

*Connection to IPOD can be made with 1/4" plug

What you need to provide:


*Sturdy Table (at least 6' x 2'


*3 prong plug in close to where I will set up or a 3 prong extension cord


*The location, i.e. hall, gym, or barn



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Dave Smith - Square Dance Caller