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Beginners Square Dances - Southeast Michigan - MI

South Lyon Square Dancing - Typical Dance Program

Beginners Square Dance Classes
Dave Smith - Caller
SE MI Square Dance Clubs
South Lyon Square Dancing
Traditional Dances

Grand March

Jessie Polka

Red River Valley

Grapevine Twist

Hot Time in the Old Town tonight

Head Gents Cross Over (Ghost Riders)

Old Solomon Levi

Virginia Reel

Texas Star

Duck for the Oyster

Take a Peek

Pattycake Polka (Mixer)

Dip & Dive (Red Wing) (difficult)

Venus & Mars (difficult)

Just Because (with ladies chain)

Marching thru Georgia (Promenade in single file)

Trail of the lonesome pine (difficult)

Oh Johnny!

Birdy in the cage

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

Oh Susannah!

Say Howdy!

Boomps a Daisy

Jolly is the miller


Spanish Caveliero


Movements used in traditional dances 




Allemande Left

Allemande Right


Star Left & Right

Star Promenade

Grand Right and Left

Ladies Chain

Right and Left Thru

Triple Allemande (difficult)

Grand Square (difficult)


Dip and Dive


Typical program for a one night square dance party (about two and a half hours)


1. Big Circle Dance (teach Allemand Left, Allemand Right, Dosido, Swing and Promenade

2. Walk through and dance three square dances

3. Break Time (ten minutes)

4. Line Dancing (teach and dance Texas Hustle or Cotton Eyed Joe)

5. Big Circle Mixer Dance

6. Walk through and dance two more square dances

7. Break Time (ten minutes)

8. Dance the Virginia Reel


(Program can be shortened or lengthened depending on the groups desires)

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Dave Smith - Square Dance Caller